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A place to find lots of healthy recipes, where being mindful, feeling truly nourished and fresh, is forever in season.

This blog is for those who love to cook, and those who are interested in feeling good. I love to cook and I love to share recipes, so whether you’re a healthy hearty soul, a whimsical wanderer, a cup-cake queen, a yoga bunny, or a carnivorous t-rex follower; there is something for you!

Here’s my latest post.

I’m a Mum of three. Family mealtimes are a cherished part of our day. It’s a cornerstone tradition, where we listen, where we are nourished and where we share our thoughts.

As an eleven year old school girl, someone asked me what I’d like to be when I grew up? I said an athlete, or an Actor, or a painter, or a photographer, oh and be like Rusty Lee! She’s an awesome lady who cooked on TV in the 80s… For me, cooking has got to be a pleasant experience, fun infact. Here’s a snippet of me making a fish pie, it’s a debut effort, and I learnt a lot from the experience. The whole process was a learning curve.

Ideally, I like to enjoy my time in and out of the kitchen, so by creating fresh, simple, easy to prepare and nourishing recipes I feel more energised and invigorated.

I don’t believe in quick fixes or diets. Feeling good is a culmination of making healthy choices, being surrounded by loved ones, only positive company will do. Toxicity in any form gives me heartburn.

I want to live a full life and give my children the best start that I possibly can, and from my experience of working with people with eating disorders, I know that a balanced and healthy relationship with food is key to happiness and growth.

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I’m a great believer in mindfulness and am convinced that each of us may transform the way we feel by being more mindful, more present. You are a gift, you are beautiful, and we are all mirrors of each other, TRUE!

The special recipe below is from a post I wrote a few years ago, and reflects pretty much what Feeling Food is all about, indeed what I think life is about…

The Recipe of Life

The essence of Feeling Food…
Trust, an epic handful
Love, 1 gallon, though this has a never-ending flow
Sympathy, use sparingly – we all need to feel
Patience, one level tbsp
Serenity, an endless pour
Truth, only the essence will do
Forgiveness, for ourselves and all
Light to balance the dark
Acceptance, as much as you can afford
Hope, enough to fill the deepest bowl
Faith, in total abundance
MIX an inspired amount of total trust with love.
POUR a few drops of sympathy – taking care not to overpower the blend; flavours and feelings need space to breathe.
HEAT gently over a low flame, this time of year can be very chilly.
SPRINKLE over some patience and plenty of serenity.
ADD truth and forgiveness, with unending light.
FOLD in acceptance and hope, take care here, these don’t always come easily.
STIR everything slowly together and with a steady hand, breathe deeply.
TRUST that the right flavours will develop with enough understanding and thought.
SHARE abundantly and remember friendship is the present we give and receive everyday.
LIGHT a candle on top and thank God for all the loved ones in our lives and cherish the memories of those who are no longer with us, may they rest in peace.