Love is the best sauce for life

There is a beautiful Irish proverb, “Is maith an t-ocras” that translates as “hunger is the best sauce”, inspired by these wise words I’ve come up with a proverb of my own, “Love is the best sauce for life.”

This blog is all about love, celebration, balance and healthy appetites.
Forget “How to cook yourself thin”, follow instead the Feeling Food philosophy of “How to cook yourself happy”. Feeling food is about feeling good, counting calories and depriving oneself have no place here, so we’ll leave that school of thought to the yo yo brigade and welcome, Feeling Food.

I look forward to sharing my healthy, balanced recipes with you, and some thoughts along the way. Being open to the idea of cooking with love and the benefits this may bring to you is all I ask. Love is the secret ingredient of great food, and by adding it generously to all your culinary trysts, you may transform your cooking into an unforgettable celebration of flavour, fun and delight.

So whether you’re wooing your Romeo, cooking a wonderful feast for friends, or simply encouraging your child to be more adventurous with food, this blog has a place on your screen. I’m a great believer in circles and cycles, so for now I’ll finish on another Irish proverb, “Laughter is brightest where food is best.”

Happy and healthy recipes are coming soon, so between now and then, may your hearts dance a merry tune, swaying gently with that lovely summer, sunshine feeling.



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