Simply Salmon

Simple times, simple pleasures. Gentle petals, truest of treasures. Time is passing and each moment echoes life’s unraveling melody. Dreams and thoughts unfold, while nourishment and love give us strength and hope. Each day presents a new bud of promise.
Today I’m sharing the simplest of starters. It’s the opening tune to a very happy ode. Orange shimmer, wrapping creamy gold! Often when we think of preparing a three-course meal at home, the idea may seem unattractive and foreboding. Not so, I trill, instead I’d like you to think of the joy and care it presents.  The opportunity to celebrate, savour life and treat friends to a Simple Salmon Starter feels swimmingly good.

Tina Turners – You’re simply the best, comes to mind. Simple is the opposite of drama, save that for the X Factor and Gamu Nhengu’s wild card entry this saturday! Instead enjoy calm and good conversation over this lovely smoked salmon starter.
Special tip – When preparing a three course meal, choose two courses that are prepared in advance and save one for nearer your guests arrival, for floating and happy smells that will wet appetites, allowing you to relax and enjoy your company. Entertaining will feel like water off a ducks back;-)

This recipe includes alfalfa sprouts, relative of the gorgeous green legume Dynasty. You can sprout your own in only seven days and now because of their rich nutritional abundance producers have cottoned on and conveniently they’re available in most supermarkets. These threads of green goodness help lower blood pressure, inhibit inflammation, reduce short sightedness and help boost our immunity. Feeling good has never been so easy with Alfalfa!

Swimming closely along side in the goodness front is one of my favourites, smoked salmon. The champion of hearts, it may help fight coronary heart disease and it is said to reduce depression in pregnant women! So this starter is perfect for a delicious health boost too. For simplicity I’ve used a deli filler (alternatively, make your own by mixing cream cheese with  chopped smoked salmon and a squeeze of lemon) whatever works for you!

I love this quote by Neill Armstrong;
I think we’re going to the moon because it’s in the nature of the human being to face challenges. It’s by the nature of his deep inner soul… we’re required to do these things just as salmon swim upstream.

Simple Salmon Starter

serves 6 as a starter

smoked salmon, 6 slices
lemon, 1/2  juiced – other 1/2 cut into thin slices
cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwich filler, 6 heaped teaspoons 
alfalfa sprouts, a handful 
seasonal leaves, 100g
balsamic vinegar to finish

LAY smoked salmon on a large clean plate.
SQUEEZE lemon juice over the slices and season.
SPOON cream cheese mix into the centre of each piece.
FOLD the corners of the salmon to make little parcels, origami memories come to the fore! 
SCATTER leaves on serving plate and place your lovely parcels with a slither of lemon on top too.
GENTLY top each parcel with a generous pinch of alfalfa sprouts and season.
DRIZZLE with balsamic and serve when the moment takes you.

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