Angels and Strangers

Falling slowly from the sky,

A white feather passed me by.

Moments later I breathed a sigh,

My heart at peace, no need for why?
Winged petal

Do you know that feeling when you share eye contact with a stranger and somewhere deep inside there is a recognition and understanding that soars higher than words, as if you already knew this person? I love these moments and welcome them.

Chance meetings are like the familiar chorus in a favourite song, they are very much familiar in a totally unfamiliar way, each new verse pushes us forward and then the tide of life washes us back, renewed each time! Like favourite smells, they spark excitement and vivid associations deepen. Christmas time is full of some such moments, its as though our senses are heightened and perhaps our hearts more open at this time of year.

I have a few favourite Christmas songs , this one brings me to happiness every time. Often we share a love/ hate relationship with classics. The infamous Brussel Sprout for instance. Gorgeously green and bursting with nutrients, it’s a true case of love or loathe.  These green pearls are related to the cabbage family and contain vitamin A , C, potassium, calcium with a very high amount of protein. So with that in mind I’ve created the ultimate Vegetarian Christmas Supper. Supremely delicious and absolutely scrumptious, it will leave the Carnivorous kind hankering for some, because even though this dish is most definitely vegetarian it has the look and taste of a totally hearty and fulfilling meal. You’ll feel luscously light and comfortable after this Angel Sprout Supper, the joy of quiet and stillness aid digestion, so why not indulge yourself with a great book.

I love Sprouts!
I love to read a good book on Christmas day, “Angels in my Hair” by Lorna Byrne makes for heartfelt Christmas reading. I found this book by chance;-))? Quiet, I mean shhhhhh, softly quiet . . . . . allows our mind time to process the ever changing events in our lives. And whether it’s found in your kitchen while gently chopping, stirring, or snuggled up in your favourite armchair reading, may your peace and QUIET be ever blissful and bring calming clarity so that lost connections may flourish and happy memories be rekindled. However you find serenity, remember an Angel is always close by;-) If in doubt read, “Angels in my Hair” !!

Special Tip – Go green in your kitchen. Buy some plants for your kitchen windowsill, they will refresh and cleanse the air, soak up carbon dioxide and pollutatants all the while. Creating calm in the heart of your home.

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Angels Sprout Supper
Red onion 1, peeled and roughly chopped
Purple sprouting broccoli 400g, stalks trimmed and cut into two inch pieces
Chestnut mushrooms, 250g, cut in half
Brussels sprouts, 300g
Garlic cloves 3, crushed
Wholegrain mustard, 1 tbsp
Soured cream, 300 ml
Eggs, 4 whisked
Parmesan, 50g grated
Filo pastry, 1 packet
Olive oil, 70ml
PRE-HEAT oven to 180’ gas 4.
HEAT one tbsp of oil in a large frying pan.
ADD red onion, broccoli, chestnut mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and garlic cloves.
COOK for ten minutes stirring frequently.
MIX wholegrain mustard, soured cream, eggs and Parmesan in a separate bowl, seasoning well.
POUR into pan and mix vegetables and liquid well.
BRUSH oil over (8in x 10in) 20cm x 28cm baking tray.
LAYER one sheet of filo on top and brush with oil all over.
REPEAT layering process with 5/6 more sheets, depending on how many are in the pack, you’ll want half the pack for the topping.
SPREAD vegetable mix evenly over the filo.
LAYER remaining filo on top repeating the brushing with oil process.
TRIM any excess filo around the edges.
LIGHTLY cut the pie diagonal across both ways, resembling the Union Jack flag.
BAKE for 45 minutes until lovely and golden.
SERVE with some cranberry sauce for a truly Christmassy delight.
LOVE sprouts, your body does;-))

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