Silent Night

“Silent night, Holy Night! All is calm, all is bright.” A wonderful time of year, full of joy, laughter, families, abundant love, and a time where calm is present perpetually. Though amidst this calm the very purest sense of pressure is also swirling with an almighty grip on some, if that is so, go gently now. As the sun begins her journey to another year a new Dawn will come, nothing stays the same.

Meanwhile Christmas beckons, and I’d like to send my hugest heartfelt hugs and love to anyone who may be struggling with the heightened pressures and emotions that come knocking at the door, this time of year. Christmas brings both beauty and poignancy in equal measures. Annual celebrations mark the changing face of time and everything feels magnified. Each of our losses are perhaps illuminated with a kaleidoscope intensity, ironically brighter and more brilliant in the shortest days. 

The burning hues of sadness are unbearably painful for some…

What makes it a special time of year?

It’s a time when we hope to be surrounded by those we love most dearly, and while this may not always be possible, we each do our best. Christmas transports us to vivid childhood memories and the bold colours of innocence may open wounds with spear like intensity.

This year my beloved Dad passed away and two friends. The bittersweet poignancy of Christmas carries a different note that is hard to comprehend, few things comfort, though love and music, family and friends, in no uncertain terms do. Also the treasured memories that are irreplaceable will forever live on and warm my heart.

It is difficult for us, who are left behind; though it is with pure faith and love that I trust we will all meet again one day in a peaceful and better place. For anyone who has experienced loss, they will understand the longing for the sound and comfort of the voices no-longer present, the laughter that now whistles in the wind, that catches us off guard in moments of beauty. I always share a special tip in my posts; this one is as simple as it is pure.

Special tip – Be thankful for those we love, now and forever, they will always be in our hearts.

This recipe is especially for anyone who may be missing someone right now. I’ll call it, The Recipe of Life. Please share it with anyone who needs some TLC at Christmas time.
With All my love,
Wishing you a peaceful Christmas,
Sinead xxx
The Recipe of life


Trust, an epic handful
Love, 1 gallon, though this has a never-ending flow
Sympathy, use sparingly – we all need to feel
Patience, one level tbsp
Serenity, an endless pour
Truth, only the essence will do
Forgiveness, for ourselves and all
Light to balance the dark
Acceptance, as much as you can afford
Hope, enough to fill the deepest bowl
Faith, in total abundance
MIX an inspired amount of total trust with love.
POUR a few drops of sympathy taking care not to overpower the blend; flavours and feelings need space to breath.
HEAT gently over a low flame, this time of year can be very chilly.
SPRINKLE over some patience and plenty of serenity.
ADD truth and forgiveness with unending light.
FOLD in acceptance and hope, take care here, these don’t always come easily.
STIR everything slowly together and with a steady hand, breathe deeply.
TRUST that the right flavours will develop with enough understanding and thought.
SHARE abundantly and remember friendship is the present we give and receive everyday.
LIGHT a candle on top and thank God for all the loved ones in our lives and cherish the memories of those who are no longer with us, may they rest in peace.

6 thoughts on “Silent Night

  1. Dear Sinead- What a year for you! You and all the family are in my heart. Sending up prayers for a Christmas filled with the peace that Baby Jesus brings. Love the Christmas recipe.Merry Christmas!!!XOXOXOSio

  2. Beautiful Siobhan,Thank you for your lovely Christmas wishes. Sending you, Auntie Kate and Uncle Pierce lots and lots of love. And Bridie & Bill too of course – though they're closer by.Love you!Merry Christmas;-)))xxx

  3. Beautiful blog Sinead! beautiful bride & beautiful Eddiexxx (whom is not too far away!) I did make my first broth this Christmas in honour of Eddie & I think he would have been very proud- it was delicious!!! Happy New Year Sinead, & may this year be full of joy and happiness!!! love you loads Angie xxxx

  4. Happy New Year to you too Angelina! The smell of Turkey Broth is soothing for the soul, a beautiful reminder of my Dad;-) I'm glad you enjoyed it.Lots and lots of love,And may 2011 be full of joy and health for us

  5. This is the best ever recipe I have come across in the blog world. I have been going through your site, and I love every bit of it…though I am a vegetarian, and my style of food is very different, I will visit, very often, just to read your heart warming posts.Happy 2012 to you! May The Lord Bless your famiy with plenty of good health, cheer and peace!

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