Banana Bliss

Ooh these crumbs make legends of bananas!

You may agree that bananas are bliss wrapped in a soft mellow yellow skin. If you do, chances are you’ll love this recipe, as four gorgeously ripe ones are enjoyed.

Buttery sweet when ripe, their texture tempts our bite action into gentle rapture – and their health benefits are numerous and nourishing.
Bananas are the happy snack of many wonderers on the go!
I have a hankering for baking at the moment – and upon experimenting with all things bananas I came up with this delight, a delicious loaf that transforms breakfast into a waking dream.
Spirulina is the ingredient that sets this beauty apart from others. I love this green fine powder and simply open two capsules and pour into the mix, you may also buy it in powdered form too. It really is a magical and powerful ingredient, packed with goodness.
Some of the health benefits of Spirulina include
• Improve healing wounds – including bruises!
• Counteracts toxins in the body
• helps cleanse the liver
• Fine-tunes mental alertness
• Lowers blood cholesterol
• Helps battle viral infections
• Enhances our ability to generate new blood cells
• Improves and balances blood sugar levels
• strengthens the nervous system
• strengthens the immune system
• Remove toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body
Wowza’s! How can you resist SPIRULINA!!! 

This gorgeous green powder is worth getting familiar with and alongside the wonderful walnut, this recipe packs a punch of serious goodness. These nuts outshine all others as they contain the highest level of anti-oxidants.
Antioxidants are important because they cease chain reactions that
damage cells in our bodies when oxidation occurs.
I hope beautiful baking lifts your spirits sometime this week – it is a truly relaxing grace, ah beautiful baking;-)
Happy Days.
Spirulina and Banana cake
Butter, 80g melted
Sweet freedom or Rapadura, 130g (Brazilian raw cane juice – dried and crushed)
Buckwheat flour, 125g
Wholemeal flour, 110g
Baking powder, 2 tsp
Eggs, 2 medium
Ripe bananas, 4 mashed
Spirulina, 1 flat tsp
Walnuts, 70g gently crushed to break
PRE-HEAT oven to 180’, gas 4.
MIX together butter, sweet freedom/ rapadura – or preferred sugar, flours, baking powder, eggs, Spirulina and banana until well combined.
STIR in walnuts and pour mixture into a greased 450g-loaf tin.
BAKE for 50 minutes until a cocktail stick comes out clean.
SERVE with Greek yogurt and fruits if you so wish, or simply enjoy on its own – either way a majesty moment is close to hand.

6 thoughts on “Banana Bliss

  1. Thank you Krithi! It tastes as good as it looks:-) and the smell of baking bananas is a true air freshner! Spirulina has a very pungent flavour, as you might expect from it's deep green colour, it's definitely worth seeking out:-) Happy baking!

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