Banana and Spirulina Ice cream

Warm weather and ice cream? A match made in sweet floral spring and summer dreams!
And when thoughts of cones and wafers wriggle to the fore, a happy and healthy alternative begs an audience.
Deceptive in colour, this gracefully light green frozen yogurt suggests mint, though instead a most welcome soothing and softly banana flavour beguiles our taste buds.
Taste, tastes truly terrific when at its centre is nourishment and love.
Spirulina is the Mermaid of oceanic nurturing; her healing properties echo through this cool delight – deepest green, mellowed by beautiful banana – ooh a complimenting combination ensues;-)
This seemingly decadent delight dives you into a cleansing and fruitful experience, with audacious algae in toe, light, though a truly sweet indulgence is yours for the taking.
However you like to eat your ice cream, be it….
·       In a cone
·       Spooned into a hot chocolate
·       Simply on its own
·       Or drizzled with a lovely sauce
May this one bring a smile to your face. My son gave this recipe top marks, it’s a winner with children and adults alike and much healthier than anything available in the shops – and you don’t need an ice cream machine either!

What time is is it?


Banana and Spirulina Ice cream
Bananas, 4 peeled
Greek yogurt, 500g
Sweet freedom, 100ml
Spirulina, ½ tsp
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
BLEND all of the above ingredients.
POUR into a suitable sized container.
PLACE in the freezer.
STIR every half hour or so to prevent crystallization for a two hour period.
SERVE when the sun shines or the moment takes you.
* I love this with some gorgeous mint choc sauce on top. Recipe coming soon . . . Watch this space;-)
* Note – if you’ve left this wonder in the fridge over night, take it out at least twenty minutes before serving to revisit creamyliciousness!

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