Hope for breakfast

Waking to golden peaks and spice
If being happy wasn’t enough, being hopeful is apparently better for your health and appetite. Happy souls relish chocolate and treats more often, whereas their hopeful friends, looking to the future, are more likely to graze on fruits and salad and fish and lightness! Negative people, in total contrast are most drawn to junk food, any surprises there? Junk food, sugar loaded and bursting with all things fat, gives that instant feel good hit of comfort, though like all quick fixes never lasts.
If your goal is to live a good life, moderation, that old buzz word, is key – obsession in any form is unhealthy, so rather than forbidden fruits, welcome the wonderful variations that the seasons bring in healthy abundance. This month we welcome asparagus, rocket, samphire, European cherries, outdoor rhubarb, chives, parsley, mint, crab, scallops, sea trout. We will soon be awash with beautiful berries and it is hard not to get excited about summer fruits, when does a strawberry ever taste as good than on a long summers day?
Our feelings, our appetites and our moods, very much like the British weather are subject to change. By being prepared we can handle almost anything, for me preparation begins at breakfast time. I can sense by my first actions in the day whether or not I need to slow down, and by simply being in the moment I find peace. Eggs are a universal morning ingredient, in India I relished their gorgeous curried boiled ones, in Michigan my Aunt Kate’s blueberry pancakes remain an all time favourite and now these spicy scrambled wonders have become a current favourite. Moments of whisking and minutes of cooking give a breakfast worth savouring. 
If your fuel is love filled from the start, so too will your day.
When we’re hopeful we notice beauty in surprising places!
Happy week and brilliant breakfasts to you all!
Sinead xxx
Summer Spiced Scrambled Eggs
Olive oil 2 tbsp
Cumin powder, ½ tsp
Paprika, 1 tsp
Red chilli, 1 finely sliced
Spring onions, 4 roughly chopped
Fresh coriander, 1 small bunch chopped
Eggs, 8 whisked into frothy joy
Sea salt, to sprinkle
Indian Black pepper, one good scratch
HEAT non-stick pan and pour in oil.
ADD red chilli, spring onions and fry for a minute to release flavours.
SPRINKLE over spices and pour over whisked eggs.
STIR gently until the eggs form golden soft peaks and turn of heat just before cooked.
SEASON with freshly ground black pepper and sea salt and lightly stir once more.
SERVE immediately and sprinkle over coriander and some extra slices of chilli if you feel like it.
BEAUTIFUL breakfast for a beautiful day.

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