Tuna tales

Summer Sandwich ~ You can taste the sunshine!

In season right now, this relative of the mackerel family is a sandwich lover’s summer dream. From now until September, this incredibly delicious deep-sea fish serves well as a simple and effortless sandwich that isn’t easily forgotten.

Follow the river seaward,
Through the oceans blue ~
Follow your dreams always,
And see where the tide takes you ~

Sandwiches, like their many various fillings, carry with them layers of memories and textures that please all taste buds. My most vivid sandwich memory is my Dad’s “Egg, Spring onion and Mayo Sandwiches”. He didn’t skimp on the mayo or salt and the scent these delights delivered insured no mistaking that egg was on the menu! Coach trips were a mixture of happy tummy, meets gentle trepidation, just before unwrapping the silver foil to see the soft bread and inhale the unctuous scent! Do you have a favourite sandwich? I’d love to hear about it;-)
‎”We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
— Anaïs Nin

You’ll understand my inspiration for this beauty when I mention Tuna Nicoise and Arabian dreams. This celebration of flavours wrapped in whole-wheat pita is YUM YUM YUM! And will have you salivating right up until the moment you lift this colourful gorgeousness to your expectant mouth.
I’m pregnant, and Tuna, to my surprise isn’t recommended too often, though I’m assured that in moderation, it’s absolutely fine, so pregnant friends savour this and to everyone else, I hope this becomes a summer favourite. Tuna is packed with nutrients and omega glory ~ how can one resist?
Tuna Sandwich to be remembered
This sandwich is complemented beautifully by last weeks Broad Bean Salad

Tomato, 1 chopped
Cucumber, ¼ peeled and cut into bite size chunks
Spring onion, 1 roughly chopped
Black olives, a small handful
Tuna steaks, 2
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Basil leaves, 1 sprig, leaves torn
Whole-wheat pita bread, 2
Hummus, 1 tbsp
Lemon juice, 1 tsp
Ground cumin, a pinch
Plain yogurt, 1 tbsp 
HEAT a pan and pour in oil.
SEAR tuna for two minutes on each side, trust your instincts here and be watchful, pink is lovely for many though you may prefer it more well done, in which case lengthen the cooking.
COMBINE tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, olives and basil together ~ season generously ~ tomatoes love salt!
TOAST pita and cut along one side to create a happy pocket for deliciousness.
MIX hummus, lemon juice, cumin and yogurt together ~ if a little thick, loosen with a few teaspoons of water.
SPOON salad mix into pita, followed by sliced tuna and drizzle over hummus mix.
SCRUM and yum didley YUM!

4 thoughts on “Tuna tales

  1. Thank you both:-) "All that I'm eating", I'm sure your tuna sandwiches are lovely! And "Mother Rimmy" fresh basil is a delicous addition to tuna. If you try this recipe, please let me know how it goes.FFX

  2. We love tuna! My husband gets to go fishing every so often and he gets tuna and dorado. This looks great. Before kids, I used to have a tuna salad sandwich 3 times a week. I remember the no tuna, no sushi, no caffeine days. It's tough! Congratulations & best wishes with your pregnancy!

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