She who Oats wins

 She who is free to make choices wins,
She who keeps an eye on her changing desires wins.
He who speaks with ease and confidence wins,
He who cares about his health wins.
They who eat porridge are victorious!
My summer breakfast of choice is an amorous combination of fruit and oats with my latest favourite splash, Coconut water. This drink of purity and lightness soaks the oats with such a pleasant unobtrusive flavour, that your empty tummy will be drawn into a soft wake up call.
An oat is a great teacher in many ways. An oat cannot be rushed, they release their goodness slowly. Those who savour them often for breakfast will be kept pleasantly full until lunch time, leaving your mind free to concentrate or be still, to be creative and happily to be free of cravings and other pangs. The oat isn’t brash or boastful and quietly bubbles with vitamin E, several B-vitamins, calcium and potassium. They prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure and brilliantly benefit heart health.
The sugar-loaded cereal that begs an audience cannot compete, give summer mornings an Oat breakfast and your day will be given a new level of possibility and joy. I love Onken Wholegrain yogurts, it comes in various flavours, alternatively use your favourite yogurt and please experiment to find an Oat combo that works magic for you. Peaches are in season now and for me there is nothing quite as juicy and refreshing as a ripe peach in summer.
Let’s affirm: I take care of my body. I cherish and revere the temple I’m in. Louise Hay
Happy Monday to you!
Summer Oats
Rolled (porridge) oats 75g
Coconut water, 200ml
Peach, 1 deseeded and chopped into cubes
Peach yogurt, 3 tbsp
Flaxseed, 1 tbsp
Pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp
SOAK oats in coconut water for 30 minutes (while you lull into waking days and refresh in the shower)
PREPARE peach and mix with remaining ingredients in a clean bowl.
DRAIN oats and empty into the bowl.
MIX everything well and serve in two bowls.
PLEASANTLY embrace the peachy purity and coconut magic of an oat breakfast.

8 thoughts on “She who Oats wins

  1. Thank you Kiriel. Definitely mix and match fruit flavours, it will make the porridge more appealing. Strawberry is another favourite of mine, in which case I use strawberry yogurt and lovely fresh strawberries, banana is another great choice. I hope you enjoy experimenting and discovering your favourite:)

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