The Love Choc

Cook Love
Sharing this Aztec jewel of a recipe with you, fills me with joy. Minutes of your time will create lasting mint memories for someone you love, that’s a delicious promise!

Hand-making a gift is priceless, something bigger than words follows, something stronger than trust develops, for the gift of time, is the ultimate way of expressing love. Love. For what is food without love?

Surely chocolate holds the evocative title of, “Food of love.” This recipe may bring a smile to every bit of you. Uber delicious, bite-sized cacao celebrations, that will leave your taste buds feeling good and your heart feeling happy, I promise!
I feel like I’m giving you a golden ticket here…

And that the recipe should even feature in “Charlie and the chocolate factory.” Sorry, I don’t often blow my own trumpet, though these beauties deserve a good intro.

OK, if I must….
According to legend, cacao was discovered by the gods, at the foot of a mountain in South America. Taste the good chocolate, close your eyes, and you could well believe this. Mineral magic in the form of magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper and potassium saunter in its deliciousness. The eyes are as important as the taste buds for absorption of goodness, and chocolate ticks all the boxes. I’ve been reading a lot about anti-oxidants recently, and guess what, chocolate contains more of these little healing miracles than green tea, black tea, red wine and blueberries!
My cacao powder of choice! Remember good ingredients do half the cooking.
I’ve taken the guilt out of glorious chocolate by blending it with a wealth of whole foods. Rather than a heap of white sugar, additives and flavour enhancers, we are blending NATURALLY good sweet things; maple syrup meet coconut express, one helps maintain normal blood sugars and the other is anti-ageing. On the news last week it was recommended that women eat 1! Chocolate bar a week to help prevent dementia! Now whether that proves true or not, isn’t the point, the point is this is delicious and I think we all deserve delicious.
Surprise yourself, stir up some chocolate joy
Joy of joys, it keeps in the freezer and is minty fresh. After a meal I like something sweet, one of these is enough for me and my friends who have tried them have made requests for me to share the recipe on the blog. I’ve got a thing about almonds, I love to make milk from them, and know that chocolate compliments their flavour beautifully. My last post featured a wonderful way to transform nut pulp into hummus, this is my chocolate finale on almonds for now.
To chocolate lovelies everywhere!
Happy cooking!!!
Love always,
Mint chocolate bites
Flowers for the taste buds
Coconut oil, 90g
Almond butter, 50g
Maple syrup, 50g
Cacao powder, 20g
Peppermint extract, ½ tsp
MELT coconut oil in a small pan until liquid.
POUR in maple syrup and stir lovingly.
MIX in the almond butter, cocao powder and peppermint extract, stir well.
POUR into a measuring jug (this will make it much easier to transfer without spills)
GENTLY pour into mini muffin cups or silicone ice cube trays.
CAREFULLY place in the freezer and leave to set. Minutes later . . .
SHARE the love and bring a smile to someone you love.
I may have shared this with you before, my favourite affirmation from Louise Hay…
“I love and accept myself for who and what I am.”
Above all, we deserve love!

Cook generously with it always! xoxox

4 thoughts on “The Love Choc

  1. we are deeply in love with Galia's ChocChick kits, and of course she sells it with Sweet Freedom as the sweetener which makes it a mutual happy place :o)We make lovely peanut butter cups with the Whole Earth crunchy peanut butter too – sighs of pleasure all round. Bet they'd be nice with almond butter too!

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