I Lavender you

Lavender you?
Lavender blue?
Lavender Purple?
YES I do!
Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for some time, may know that I love lavender. I love it’s gentle fragrance that calms and relaxes, it’s floral flavour that is a treat in biscuits. Today I’m sharing with you a summer snack, that is so full of lavender loveliness. It is seriously delicious, one cannot help but feel this is a recipe of love.
I use balsamic pearls to bring an extra touch of magic to the overall taste bud experience. 

Each little droplet of dark-brown syrup gorgeousness, explodes with a sweet-sour readiness that balances the goat’s cheese beautifully, whilst not taking any of lavender’s fragrance away. This recipe is a celebration of summer and  my bonkers branches lavender bush that grows in a horizontal direction!

I have to bee : )  thankful though, as it made making this recipe fairly easy.

I love the idea of gardening and while I can’t say I do it often, when I do, I get an enormous sense of satisfaction. I’m sure working with nature’s shrubs and wonders is good for the soul.
You will need a few flowers for this gem.
Enjoy and relax, these can be made well in advance and simply toasted, as and when you want to eat them. They would also make lovely canapés if prepared in smaller bite sized pieces.
Go gently into each summer day. And I hope your relationship with food is blossoming, indeed, it is a bond like no other. In many ways it is our most direct link to knowing ourselves. By eating seasonally and paying attention to our changing appetites, we in turn grow in health on every level. Unlike other relationships, many of which are transient, food remains a part of our daily lives ALWAYS.
Love yourself,
Nourish yourself,
And most of all,
Be your self!
I lavender you!
Lots of love,
Goats cheese with lavender and Balsamic Pearls
Goats Cheese, 3 small logs, semi-soft kind
Brioche, 12 slices cut into rounds
Lavender flowers, 12 spikes
Balsamic Pearls, (If you can find theses bubbles of brilliance)
Alternatively, 3 tbps of Balsamic vinegar
Lavender flowers, 7
Extra virgin olive oil, 5 tbsp (RESERVE FOR DRESSING)
Black pepper, 12 turns
Balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp
Lavender flowers, 4 bruised in a pestle and mortar
TRIM top and tails of goat’s cheese, to reveal the soft speckled cheese. Oooh!
CUT each log into four generous slices.
DE-FLOWERpurple joys for the marinade and mix with remaining marinade ingredients.
COVER and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours, I prefer overnight.
CUT brioche rounds and lightly toast.
ARRANGEmarinade slices on brioche.
These may be prepared up to this point and then left covered until you’re ready to eat.
PRE-HEATgrill and press one spike into each goat’s cheese disc.
GRILL until lightly sizzling, this will take a few minutes, take care not too burn the brioche.
TOSS salad leaves in dressing.
ARRANGEbetween four plates and pop of the toasted delights as soon as they’re golden and gorgeously ready.
SPOON ½ tsp of balsamic pearls onto each goat’s cheese disc.
SUMMER and flowers with goat’s cheese…

6 thoughts on “I Lavender you

  1. Oh, you've stolen my heart! What a beautiful combination: goat cheese and lavender! And how pretty for appetizers during a summer get together! Happy Friday!

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