Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

Smell of the earth, one I do not know?

Taste and see, one may find flow!

This Chocolate cake has a surprise and welcome guest… a couple… Firstly introducing an earthy purple presence, that is truthfully a depth of indulgence to enjoy – beautiful Beetroot.I love beetroot! In fact one of my most popular posts is this Beetroot Pie – I wanted to see how the majestic root would work in a chocolate blend.

Dark chocolate is a wonderful antioxidant and with beetroots plethora of goodness – on paper these ingredients seem like a match made in heaven? Proof is in the pudding, and sure enough the taste buds were jubilant.
Dark moist chocolate sponge, with a flavour of the earth is the result. And if mud were sweet and edible, this cake may be likened to it.A very long time ago, I used to make mud cakes, out of actual mud! I never ate them of course, though the soothing simplicity brings to mind this recipes charm. And upon reflection, I remember also scattering rose petals around them – and so… welcome another special ingredient to the mix! Rosewater!

Now I know that comparison may not sound appetising, and for the truly sweet toothed Cadbury lovers out there, this may not be your cup of tea – it is similar in texture to a carrot cake, though with its super food nourishment and betain benefits, namely the bodies natural mood lifter serotonin, combined with chocolate, well all I can say is whoosh!!! One is left sweetly full and feeling great, my kind of fabulous favourite Chocolate cake. The most important part is that it is indeed delicious.

Sift over some cocoa powder to serve with a quenelle of cream on top for an uber moment of beetroot meets chocolate magic.
I hope you enjoy!

What’s not to enjoy?

Plain flour, 175g
Baking powder, 10g
Cocoa powder, 75g
Soft brown muscavado sugar, 225g
Eggs, 3 organic medium
Raw beetroot, 175g peeled
Ground nut oil, 200ml
Rose water, a drop (it’s potent stuff, so I really do mean a drop!)
For the piece de resistance AKA Ganache
Dark chocolate, 200g – or your favourite chocolate
Double cream, 200ml
PRE-HEAT oven to gas 6, 200’C.
GREASE and line 20cm cake tin.
BLITZ beetroot in a blender.
ADD eggs, rose water and hemp seed oil and blitz again until smooth.
SIFT dry ingredients into a large bowl and fold in the beetroot mixture,
BAKE for 35 minutes.
MEANWHILE heat cream up until simmering point.
POUR into a bowl and stir in chocolate until melted.
CHILL and spread luxuriantly over the beetroot choc cake!
SCRUMDIDLEY for now, is a time for perpetual dawns and deep healing bear like yawns!

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