An Extraordinary Day

Yesterday I was told by someone I respect that I was extraordinary! I believe that we are all extraordinary!
LOVELY people are everywhere, though challenges can sometimes taint. On the whole, life is lovely.

I’m an optimist, and I truly believe that it is through unexpected interactions with other human beings that life becomes more lovely!

Time is such a precious gift and dare I say it, this recipe is a good reminder of that. I’m sharing with you a very special, healthy Egg Nog recipe! No egg timers necessary!


Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a sip sup of Egg Nog. My first interlude with this yellow concoction was some ten years ago, whilst visiting family over Christmas. My Aunt has a collection of vintage bottles, and upon kindly offering me a drink from a bottle that had seen better days, maybe in the seventies, to which I accepted, I sipped cautiously, then candidly, then happily. It was/ is delicious. My version is a super healthy, fresh, happy raw kind.

You may use any milk of choice, I love fresh almond milk, though if you like the moo milk, go for it too!

For extra refreshment try this exercise, it is life changing, you will feel extraordinary and I promise you, give a few moments like this to yourself each day, and miracles will happen. Please let me know how you felt afterwards?

Sipping Egg Nog: Your Sacred Splash of Mindfulness


First follow the recipe, then find a quiet space, that is both clean and tidy – clutter-free.

Take the glass in your hand, imagine this is the first time you’ve held a glass.


Open your eyes, gaze slowly and give the yellow smoothness your full attention.


Thoughts may come and go, and as the clouds are no more a part of the sky, those thoughts are no more a part of you, let them go…


The coolness of the glass, its sheer surface, explore how it feels, maybe close you eyes.


Hold the glass to your nose and let the fruitful aromas embrace your senses, breathe deep, inhale the nog!


Spend a few moments noticing how you’re feeling, the sensations in your stomach, in your mouth.


Sip slowly and really feel how the sweet liquid cleanses, washing and soothing away any tension, any worries, any anything.


See if you can feel the drink working its nourishment through you, journeying towards your stomach, be completely conscious, be completely aware.


Take your time and gently bring yourself back, back to the lists, the voicemail, the unwritten Christmas cards, the presents still yet to buy, the USUAL Christmas malarkey – funnily what really matters will become clear, who really matters becomes definite and what really matters becomes simple.

All my love,


Raw Egg Nog



Milk, 2 cups

Ripe bananas, 2 frozen (slice before you pop them into the freezer in a freezer bag)

Local Honey, 2 tsps

Date, 1 pitted

Coconut oil, 2 tsps

Vanilla extract, 1/2 tsp

Ground cinnamon, a pinch

Ground cinnamon, a tiny pinch

Allspice, a tiny pinch

Nutmeg, a scratch

Pink Himalayan Salt, a pinch

PLACE all ingredients in your blender and puree until smooth and creamy.

ADD more milk if necessary, to achieve desired consistency.

SPRINKLE with extra cinnamon and drink mindfully!

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