Happy Soul

Mon Petit Pois, my little Prince –
You have a mellow nature,
Like Manchego and Quince!
Each moment you’re awake,
You teach me simplicity,
Like a heartfelt breath, purest tranquility!
Yesterday someone stopped me to say, my son was “A happy soul.” It would make a great title of a book, one I’d like to write maybe…
Anyway, the thing is, he is, it’s true and for that I am very thankful. It got me thinking about souls, and the quietude of mine. I’ve not written a post in a while, I wanted to still my voice, to let the ripples calm and understand the breath beneath the chatter. “Talking is silver, listening is gold.”  So with this good intention, to listen more, I went into semi hibernation, bear-like I happily snuggled into winters wrap. And it is true, I tapped into some truth that truly needed quiet. Quiet is a scary place and also a liberating one.
Have you ever been asked “How are you?” And responded, “I’m fine.” Well that is fine, should one be fine, though if one is not, the truth then perhaps, is that it’s not fine? Either way several of my friends have said they miss my blog, so thank you and here it is again.
Life gives us little windows of clarity, moments to savour, this one was a charm.
The other day as I walked through the park, I saw a squirrel high up in a tree, eating a whole cup cake. Yes, mightily and happily munching away, almost cartoon like.
I laughed…
My baby laughed…
We laughed…
And then…
A scratching scampering sound came and in a dash, the cup cake squirrel dropped his bounty and a larger bully one made chase. Seconds later, the ruffling trees presented a gathering of wood pigeons. The cup cake was devoured.
“Goo, goo, goo.” My son exclaimed, “Goo,” is his word for bird, and boy does he love birds! The Cup cake Calamity was over in a flash!
I realised that it is in these moments that we find the truest sense of life. Holding on, wishing for that which isn’t and shouldn’t be, is a complete waste of time and energy. Enjoy the moment, be swept by it and embrace it.
I call January the listening month, a time to be gentle and to keep resolutions faraway, they rarely last, do they? I don’t have a theme for February, but I’ve got a feeling it may be a forgiving month!
I’ve been eating according to taste and inspiration. And one lovely source came my way the other day, from a competition I won from the lovely blog “Apple Pie with Wensleydale.” The book is full of gorgeous bakes and is a triumph already, Game Pie has been made twice! Thank you Victoria!!
I’ve been listening to my taste buds too, and the other day I got a real hankering for meat and mushrooms, yep, it was a carnivorous meets forest moment. My body was telling me, “Feed me iron, feed me meat!” I wanted something lean and light, whilst being enough satisfying in the deepest red way, that only a good sirloin steak may muster for me.
Accompanied by some Pixie like trophies, in the form Enoki mushrooms and a sprinkling of celery salt, wowhow! Mouth watering Meat Mmmm is moments away. I’m glad to be back writing here, I will write again soon.
Lots of love,

Pan-fried Sirloin with Enoki Mushrooms


Sirloin steaks, 2 cut in half

Celery salt, 1 tsp

Enoki Mushrooms, 300g trimmed

Rapeseed oil, 2 tablespoons

Smoked garlic powder, 1 tsp

Lemon juice, 2 tbsp

Butter, a knob/25g

Flat leaf parsley, a handful roughly chopped

BASH out the steak to flatten, a great exercise for stress relief, or if feeling zen, ask your butcher to do this!

HEAT griddle/ frying pan over a high heat, for a few minutes, think hot and smokin’.

LIGHTLY brush the steaks with olive oil and season with celery sea salt and a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper, set aside.

DRIZZLE 1tbs of oil in the pan, throw in mushrooms.

SPRINKLE over some smoked garlic powder.

ADD steaks and cooked for 2 minutes on both sides.

IMPORTANT! Don’t fry more than two steaks at a time, as the temperature will reduce and the steaks will stew, rather than sear to a golden and deliciously tender steak.

REST the steak for 3 minutes before serving, to allow the juices that have been drawn to the surface to relax, light a candle for good measure.

ADD lemon juice to the pan and butter, stir through the mushrooms.

SPOON  mushrooms on top of steak and serve.

EAT slowly and with total attention to the deliciousness of mushroom and meat magnificence.


4 thoughts on “Happy Soul

  1. Enoki mushrooms have a lovely look about them, and are mainly used in East Asian cuisine. Though defintely, any mushrooms would do, as long as they’re sliced, for flash frying. Sometimes only a steak will do!

  2. What a beautiful blog Sinead, and it is ture. Leo is a ‘happy soul’ and how could he not be with a wonderful mother like you.xxx Everything about this blog is beautiful- what you have wrote, the pictures, and most importantly this dish looks T-ASTY!!!;) Will defo give this one a go!

    1. Thank you Angie! That is lovely to hear😄 Especially being from the kindest and most generous Mumma and friend I am fortunate to know, and love. xxx

      I’ve got a feeling David will love this recipe too! FFX

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