Nigella, Nigella!

Thank you to all my Feeling Food friends for the lovely messages and thoughts on my last post. It brings a big warm glow to my heart, a special thanks to Julia! I really like hearing from you all. It’s good to be writing again…

True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, As those move easiest who have learned to dance.

Alexander Pope

This post is mainly all about
Nigella + Notoriety.
The formula that is creating front page news and launching Nigella’s career stratospherically.

However, depending on the pendulum of public mood and the media’s perspective, this may not last, who knows? The fickle and ever changing relationship between what is newsworthy and what isn’t, reflects the popularist MTV attention span, in which we are fed today.

Bearing that in mind, who is responsible for Nigella’s recent soaring popularity? Are we the readers/ viewers? Are two Italian ladies? Is Mr S? One thing is clear, Nigella’s star is rising, like a Yorkshire pudding made by a trustworthy Granny from up North, and I’m thankful for that. She’s a romantic, an ethereal fallen angel done good!

The timing of Nigella’s fall from saccharine fortitude is perhaps coincidental, or a PR spin at it’s brilliant best, Mr Satchi eat your heart out…

#Taste is an accomplishment for the foodies of Channel 4, and she, Nigella, is the star of the show.

The Americans are lapping up this flavoursome English Rose, who wouldn’t look out of place, playing Titania, or if Satchi is to be believed, she’d make a more convincing Lady Macbeth.

I’ve always enjoyed watching Nigella’s cookery shows, she is easy on the eye and her recipes are both indulgent and generally uncomplicated. Last week I made these Flourless Brownies
‘Best brownies ever’ according to several friends. Nigella is exquisite and her recipes are always bankable. In place of white sugar, I used light soft brown sugar. I have my own healthy alternative Healthy Raw Chocolate Brownie recipe. It’s equally delicious and a great light alternative.

This week I’ve been enjoying watching my fourteen week old coo and laugh! He laughs a lot. It melts my heart more than anything could, watching my three sons grow. So on that note, I’ll say adieu, and wish you well.

Sinead x


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