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Hello, my name is Sinead. Welcome to my site, Feeling Food, a place to celebrate cooking, share my recipes whilst also expressing my thoughts on life, food, health, family and most importantly love.

Here are a few thoughts on cooking💝

❤Quite simply, cooking is fun and an essential part of life, so it’s to be embraced.

❤I’m a happy Mum of three and love spending quality time with my family, so I do my best to keep things simple, especially in the kitchen. My recipes are family centric and suitable for everyone and all tastes.

❤Feeling Food, like a stew has developed over time…

❤Good things, real things, take time…

❤I’ve met a few false starts and obstacles on the way…

❤We are part of the whole.

🌸We blossom when we nourish and nurture ourselves with wholefoods.

❤Harmony in all areas of our lives is possible.

❤We are all connected.

❤Everything we say and do, influences every part of us, it’s such a simple concept and Mother nature supports this way of living, so ditch the negative and hurtful stuff, in place of all that is heartwarming and loving.

❤When nourished we function beautifully and ultimately experience who we truly are… a mindful miracle in motion here.

Wishing you an abundance of peace alway!

Lots of Love,


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