Golden Rules

The rules are, there are no rules!

Instead of rules I will share a few pointers that I’ve found beneficial. Follow the ones that sit well and ignore the rest. Your life, your appetite, your future.

Only eat in good company! A good meal is tarnished by a bad egg!

Stay hydrated, drink plenty of fresh water and squeeze some lemon into it, for good measure.

I rarely use white flour or white sugar in my cooking, as they cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall rapidly, leaving you feeling tired, perhaps forgetful, depressed and stressed. However, once in a blue moon I do. The word “treat” comes to mind.

  • To feel great and look great avoid

    white death

    Say no to candy! Sweet and deliciously tempting, sugar tastes so good, and no surprises, is addictive and it wont leave you sitting pretty either! It breaks down the collagen in the skin, a little bit is fine, though not everyday!

  • I cook with fresh seasonal produce, try using whole and natural ingredients in place of processed and refined junk, the body knows when it has had enough, if you nourish it well.
  • Food and feelings are linked, eat well and you’ll feel GREAT! Forget about diets. Counting calories and depriving oneself have no place here, instead roll on lovely gems, serene Feelings, calm, nourishment, health and feeling great.


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